Welcome to Sara Sarl company. Everythıng about Maurıtanıan food trade.

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Who are Sara Sarl

Sara Sarl have over a century of experience providing frozen seafood , wholesale food with advanced knowledge across all areas of the industry from sustainability to sourcing. Our team have built up an extensive number of years working within the fish, seafood and food industry, resulting in guaranteed first-rate products and services every time.



wholesale food

We supply wholesale food to all africa


Frozen Fish

We export highest quality fish of Mauritania to 16 countries and counting

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fish industry needs

we supply frozen house and fish meal factory needs 

Product Range

What Our customers Are Saying About Us

Birel LTD. Turkey

We are happy to meet with Sara Sarl. They supply the best quality fish we ever get! they are our only supplier now! We recomment!

Nevious Doo  United Kingdom.

Professional staff. Great service. Big experience.